Muenster ISD to Research Possibility of Becoming a District of Innovation

A Muenster ISD committee is looking into the possibility for the MISD to become a “District of Innovation.”  The District of Innovation (DOI) concept was passed into law by the 84th legislative session in House Bill 1842.  The law allows traditional independent school districts to access most of the flexibilities available to Texas’ open enrollment charter schools.  To access these flexibilities, a school district must adopt an innovation plan developed by teachers, community members, and administrators.

To be eligible for this process, an ISD must meet all state accountability standards in academics, as well as finance.  “The Muenster School Board adopted a resolution at the February 8th Regular School Board Meeting to guide school personnel in a process of determining the benefits in becoming a DOI,” stated MISD Superintendent Steven Self.  The District-Wide Improvement Committee was directed to serve as the DOI Committee to this purpose.  Mr. Self; HS Principal, John York; Elementary Principal, Lou Heers;  Counselor, Kristi Schneider; Teachers, Stephanie Krebs, Afton Vieth, Jodie York, Amy Binder, Bernadette Otto, Amy Anderle, Kristin McCoy, Debra Sicking (Technology), Vicki Eldridge (Library); and community members, Kevin Gann, Brandi Richardson, Michelle Stevens, Amy Dangelmayr, Darla Styles, and Cliff Sicking are members of this committee.

Superintendent Self explained that the Committee will study the benefits of exemption from some of the allowed rules, such as, the uniform school start date, minimum minutes of instruction, length of school day, class size and student/teacher ratio, teacher certification, probationary contracts, and bank depository guidelines.  “We appreciate the MISD Board allowing us to look into these possibilities,” Self stated.  “I believe that one of the greatest benefits to this is the possibility of developing a school calendar for 2017-2018 which is more balanced and is more flexible for students and staff.”

The first meeting of the DOI Committee was on February 27th and the second meeting is scheduled for the last week of March. If you are interested in more information about this process, please contact Steven Self at 759-2281 (601)