MHS Track & Field Teams have Regional Qualifiers

T_F Reg 19

Area Track & Field Results & Regional Qualifiers

Regional Meet Friday & Saturday, April 26th -27th in Springtown.

Congratulations to the Varsity Girls Track & Field Team! We placed 2nd in the Area meet overall by just 8 team points! 9 girls qualified for the Regional Meet in 12 events! 

  • Annie Anderle placed 1st in High Jump, 2nd in Triple Jump, 1st in 100 Hurdles, 1st in 300 Hurdles, and 3rd in the 800 Relay.
  • Kaitlin Hennigan placed 2nd in Shot
  • Martie McCoy placed 3rd in 300 Hurdles and 3rd in the 800 relay
  • Jada Binder placed 4th in Discus, 2nd in the 800 m run, and 3rd in the 800 relay
  • Chloe Hacker placed 4th in the 3200 m run
  • Kaley Berkley placed 3rd in Long Jump, 4th in the 100 m dash, and 3rd in the 800 relay
  • Savannah Bohl placed 2nd in Pole Vault
  • Makenna Aldriedge placed 1st in Pole Vault
  • Hillary Klement placed 3rd in Pole Vault

Congratulations to the Varsity Boys Track & Field Team Regional Qualifiers!

  • Kody Walterscheid - 2nd in Shot and Disc
  • Blair Waneck - 4th High Jump, 1st 4x200, 3rd 4x400
  • Parker Mcgrew - 2nd 4x100 and 1st 4x200
  • Warren Williams - 1st in Pole Vault
  • Zach Sanders - 2nd 4x100 and 3rd 200
  • Danny Luttmer - 3rd 4x400
  • Jonathan Wheeler - 1st 4x200 and 3rd 4x400
  • Lane Trubenbach - 2nd 4x100 and 1st 4x200
  • Trey Mctaggart - 2nd 4x100
  • Mathew Klement - 3rd Disc