Muenster High School UIL District Results & Regional Qualifiers

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Muenster ISD hosted the District 11 2A meet on Friday, March 29.  The schools participating were Alvord, Chico, Era, Muenster, Poolville,  and Universal Academy-Irving.   Approximately 175 students were entered in 17 contests.  Muenster had 34 contestants. 

At the end of the day, school points (including previous contests of OAP and CX Debate) were as follows:  Muenster  444, Era 435, Alvord 152, Chico 138, Poolville 137, and Universal  Academy  37.

Muenster results are as follows.

Accounting:  Ashleigh Deweber 5th   Team 3rd (Ashleigh D, Jacob Pierce, Cole McMinn)

Calculator Applications:  Colby Endres 1st, Major Eldridge 5th   Team  2nd (Colby E, Major E, Abby  Walterscheid, Hannah Lamar)

Computer Applications:  Cole McMinn 3rd,

Copy Editing:  Rut Rodriguez 3rd

Computer Science:  Blair Waneck  1st, Daniel Paraco 4th, Marienne Tai 6th  Team 2nd  (Blair, Daniel, Marienne, Cole McMinn)

Current Events:  Team 3rd  Haley Flusche, Jacob Pierce, Landri Richardson, Eli Saucer

Editorial Writing:  Ashleigh Fisher  1st, Martie Mc Coy 2nd, Rut Rodriguez  4th

Feature Writing:  Lauren Trubenbach  1st, Ashleigh Fisher 4th, Chloe Hacker  6th

Headline Writing:  Ashleigh Fisher 2nd, Rut Rodriguez 3rd, Lauren Trubenbach  4th

Literary Criticism:  Team 3rd  Kaley Berkley, Libby Duncan, Alyssa Huchton

Mathematics:  Colby Endres  1st, Major Eldridge  3rd, Abby Walterscheid 6th   Team 1st (Colby, Major, Abby, Morgan Hennigan)

Number Sense:  Colby Endres 1st, Tom Davis  5th, Team 2nd  (Colby, Tom, Grant Hess, Major Eldridge)

News Writing:  Morgan Hennigan 2nd, Lauren Trubenbach  4th, Ashleigh Fisher  6th

Ready Writing:  Mary Fisher  2nd, Alyssa Huchton  4th, Jenna Hudspeth   6th

Science:  Dakota Hinton  1st, Biology 2nd    Team 2nd (Dakota, Blair Waneck, Abby Walterscheid, Mary Fisher)

Social Studies:  Alyssa Huchton  2nd , Brenton Wilson  4th,   Team 2nd (Alyssa, Brenton, Ryan Huchton, Mary Fisher)

Spelling and Vocabulary:  Major Eldridge 1st, Colby Endres  3rd, Matthew Klement  4th   Team 1st  (Major, Colby, Matthew, Savannah Bohl)

The following students will be advancing to Regional competition at Grayson College on April 12 and 13:

Freshmen:  Grant Hess, Dakota Hinton.  Sophomores:  Mary Fisher,  Alyssa Huchton, Matthew Klement, and Cole McMinn.  Juniors:  Savannah Bohl, Major Eldridge, Colby Endres, Hannah Lamar, and Abby Walterscheid.  Seniors:  Tom Davis, Ashleigh Fisher, Morgan Hennigan, Rut Rodriguez, Lauren Trubenbach, and Blair Waneck. 

Muenster will compete in 14 contests at Regional.  All 3 math teams are advancing (Calculator Applications, Number Sense, and Mathematics) as well as the Spelling and Vocabulary team.

The District Speaking contest will be held at Era on Friday, April 5.  Muenster has 12 students competing in Informative and  Persuasive speaking  and Prose and Poetry Interpretation.

Informative: Rut Rodriguez 1st ; Emily Harrison 5th; Alexa Waneck 6th

Persuasive: Martie McCoy 1st ; Chloe Hacker 2nd ; Savannah Bohl 3rd
Poetry: Daniel Paraco 3rd ; Audrey Kubis 5th ; Rebekkah Hill 6th
Prose: Alyssa Huchton 4th ; Jada Binder  5th ; Kayla Deweber 6th
Congrats to all these students and their coaches for a great job at District UIL speaking events.