UIL 2018 Champions: Elementary & Junior High

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Muenster Wins

Elementary UIL Academic Meet


The tradition of success continues at Muenster Elementary as students captured another District UIL Academic championship on December 6th at Chico Elementary.  Students from Muenster ISD continued their domination as they won the championship for the 8th year in a row, winning the last 13 out of 15 years. Muenster students garnered a whopping 824 points to bring home the trophy. Other schools that followed Muenster in the district included Era with 461 points, Chico 349, Alvord 170, and Universal Academy 23.

Teachers at MISD praised all the UIL competitors for their outstanding efforts. “Our students did a great job representing Muenster and we are proud of them all,” stated UIL coordinator Dianne Endres.

Sixty-eight students from Muenster in grades 2nd through 5th competed. Muenster individual results were as follows:

2nd Grade Creative Writing: Holly Klement 1st place, Hayes Fuhrmann 3rd place, Jaxon Bayer 5th place

2nd Grade Storytelling: Marni Gregg 1st place, Nate Grewing 2nd place, and Addison Hartman 3rd place

2nd Grade Music Memory: Jaxon Bayer tied for 1st place, Zec Schilling 5th place, Avynn Budish 6th place; First Place Team

2nd Grade Chess Puzzle: Stockton Bryson 1st place, Zec Schilling 2nd place, Titan Binder 6th place; First Place Team

3rd Grade Music Memory: Ryan Krebs 4th place, Clara Bindel 5th place; Second Place Team

3rd Grade Ready Writing: Ayden Schad 2nd place, Audrey Hartman 5th place

3rd Grade Spelling: Brody Morris 1st place, Audrey Hartman 2nd place, Molly Fisher 3rd place; First Place Team

3rd Grade Storytelling: Hayden Smith 1st place, Kinley Dangelmayr 2nd place, Molly Fisher 4th place

3rd Grade Chess Puzzle:  Mason Bayer 3rd place; Third Place Team (Kinley Dangelmayr, Brody Baggs, Mason Bayer, and Carson Klement)

4th Grade Art:  Ava Hacker 1st place, Carly McCoy 3rd place, Jaycee Bryson 4th place; First Place Team

4th Grade Music Memory: Carson Bindel 2nd place, Tyler Smith 5th place; First Place Team

4th Grade Number Sense: Third Place Team (Carter Heller, Kylie Bailey, and Ady Carney)

4th Grade Oral Reading: Eleanor Hartman 2nd place, Zadok Schilling 6th place

4th Grade Ready Writing: Eleanor Hartman 1st place, Taylor Sicking 2nd place, Carly McCoy 3rd place

4th Grade Spelling: Brady Klement, 4th place, Branson Voth and Cooper Hartman tied for 5th place; First Place Team

4th Grade Chess Puzzle: Jack Rosson 2nd place; Second Place Team (Jack Rosson, Hayden Sicking, Lilly Johnson, and Zadok Schilling)

5th Grade Art: Emma Krebs 2nd place, Paityn Price 4th place, Addison Snuggs 5th place, Anna Kay Hennigan 6th place; Second Place Team

5th Grade Dictionary Skills: Addison Snuggs 1st place, Danni Paulin 3rd place, Emma Grewing 5th place; First Place Team

5th Grade Listening Skills: Lillian Wimmer 3rd place, Nolan Peel 4th place; Second Place Team (Lillian Wimmer, Nolan Peel, Danni Paulin, and Anna Kay Hennigan)

5th Grade Maps, Graphs, & Charts: Simon Johnson 1st place, Casen Carney 3rd place, Rhett Walterscheid 4th place; First Place Team

5th Grade Music Memory: Baylie Busby 1st place, Emma Krebs 2nd place, Anna Warren 3rd place; First Place Team

5th Grade Number Sense:  Jake Wheeler and Ivan McCoy tied for 2nd place, Brady Walterscheid 5th place; First Place Team

5th Grade Ready Writing: Casen Carney 2nd place, Garrett Hess 3rd place, Emma Grewing 6th place

5th Grade Social Studies: Wade Schad 1st place, Simon Johnson 2nd place, Jake Wheeler 3rd place; First Place Team

5th Grade Spelling: Danni Paulin 1st place, Emma Krebs 2nd place, Baylie Busby 3rd place; First Place Team

5th Grade Oral Reading:  Ella Walterscheid 5th place, Danni Paulin 6th place

5th Grade Chess Puzzle: Gregory Giles 1st place, Rhett Walterscheid 2nd place, Simon Johnson 3rd place; First Place Team


All district results can be found HERE.

Muenster Wins

Junior High UIL Academic Meet

6th - 8th Grades

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Awards program for JH is Friday, Dec. 14 at 1:45 pm