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Mrs. Thomas' Pre-K Class Adopts a Virtual Pet

Virtual Pet Adoption

Mrs. Thomas' Pre-K Class adopted a dog through the Virtual Adoption Program with Easy Street Animal Shelter. The fee for the program is going to help the dogs at the shelter. With the virtual adoption program, the class received a class adoption certificate,  a picture of a shelter dog, and a bio on him with his history. The dog's name is Brett.  He is a 2 year old Beagle. With this program they also gained a new class pet named Joey, a stuffed "Shelter Dog" to take care of. As part of the Virtual Adoption, Mrs. Thomas' class will get a visit from a dog from the shelter (via zoom or outside) at some point this school year.  The kids met Joey (our stuffed dog) Valentine's Day and instantly fell in love.
Easy Street Animal Shelter Adoption Information:
Classroom Adoption $100
Personalized Adoption Certificate w/class members listed
Shelter Dog Fact Sheet
8X10 photo of shelter resident
One classroom plush stuffed animal "shelter dog"
Two classroom visits by Shelter Resident Dog
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