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Muenster ISD Arts & Craft Show

Arts and Craft Show

Arts and Craft Show 2021

Tuesday, March 9th


Sponsored by the Muenster ISD PTO

With things being so different and crazy, we are trying our best to keep things as normal as possible for the kids. With that being said, we are still going to have our annual Arts and Crafts show. Things are just going to look a little different! The students will still do their project at home and instead of bringing the projects to the gym, the participants will take pictures of their projects and email them to the PTO. The PTO will then post the projects on Facebook. The public will choose winners of each category. Voting will take place on the 9th. Winners will receive ribbons.  We believe this will still let the kids enjoy working on projects and it will get the community more involved. 


Please keep in mind the same rules apply:

  1. The contest is open to ALL MISD students in grades PK – 12th. 
  2. Entries must be created solely by the entrant.
  3. The student’s name must NOT appear on the work – use entry forms that are provided.
  4. Enter only items that will be a credit to our school. – NOTHING DISTASTEFUL, PLEASE.
  5. Each participant may enter up to 3 separate categories 


Here are some suggestions you may find helpful when choosing a project.

General Arts and Crafts: Watercolors, acrylics, charcoal, calligraphy, stained glass, finger painting, paper mache, decoupage, jewelry, model clay

Industrial Art – Metal work, woodwork, CAD drawing, Wiring

Photography – Sports, Family, Outdoor, Animals

Needle Work – Embroidery, knitting, latch hook, Pillows, quilts, dolls

Arrangements – Still Life, Floral, Terrariums

Clothing – garments, accessories, belts, scarves, hats, bags

Miscellaneous – Limited ONLY by the rules and your creativity


I have eliminated any food categories. 

When submitting entries please include the student's name and grade in the email. 

Email ALL entries to

Feel free to email or call/text (214.578.8520) me with any questions or concerns 

Please have ALL pictures emailed to me by Friday, March 5th by the end of day.


If you haven’t already done so go follow our Muenster ISD PTO Facebook page!