• New Transfer Students

    The MISD Transfer window closed on May 2, 2023. It will open again Spring 2024.

    Transfer applications for new and returning students for the 2024-2025 school year will open again in Spring 2024. No applications are accepted outside of this timeline. To be considered for transfer approval to attend Muenster ISD, applicants must follow the procedure outlined below.

    NOTE: Returning transfer students should only complete Steps 1,2, & 3.  New transfer students should complete Steps 1,2,3,& 4. 

    Step 1: Complete the Transfer Application Form.     

    Step 2:  Access Ascender Parent Portal (Click here to login or create Ascender Parent Portal Account)

    * If you do not have an Ascender Parent Portal account,

    • On Login page, click Create Account.
    • Enter email address and mobile number.
    • Set up a security question.
    • Log on.
    • Verify email address.

    Step 3: Complete Student Registration on Ascender Parent Portal.

    • From the My Account Page, click Enroll a New Student.
    • Complete New Student Enrollment.
      • Enter full name.
      • Enter address and contact information.
      • Enter student information.
      • Upload required documents.
      • Complete enrollment forms.
      • Once complete, click Enroll Student to submit.

    Step 4: Provide the information listed below with the application.

      • An attendance record which covers at least the preceding school year.
      • A cumulative grade record of all school years, subjects, and courses. This record should include the results of all state assessments.
      • A current immunization record.
      • A list of the extracurricular activities in which the student is or has been involved. 
      • A discipline report signed by the home district principal indicating any disciplinary actions taken relative to the student. If no disciplinary actions have been taken, the report should indicate this. 
      • A letter of reference from the home district. This letter may be from a faculty member or administrator. 

    Applicants will be submitted for approval/disapproval to the respective campus transfer committees. Families will be notified of approval/disapproval by the end of June. 

    These forms along with any required documentation from the information page should be submitted to:

    Muenster ISD, Kami Creed

    P.O. Box 608, Muenster, TX 76252 

    scan & email kami.creed@muensterisd.org

    Muenster ISD is pleased to have the opportunity to serve your educational needs. At MISD, we love, accept, respect, and inspire students! We also have high expectations of all students. There are three areas in which MISD is not flexible with regards to transfer students: academic performance, attendance, and disciplinary actions. 

    Students must be successful in the classroom and make acceptable academic progress. If a student should make a failing grade in a six week period, the student will be placed on academic probation. Should a second failing grade be earned, the student’s transfer may be revoked in the following year. In addition to the minimum grade requirement, any transfer student that does not complete assigned work in a timely manner may be subject to transfer revocation. 

    A transfer student shall be permitted up to five (5) absences in a school year without any disciplinary action. A physician or parent note must accompany any absence thereafter in addition to the phone call made to the school office on the date of the absence. Extenuating circumstances will be taken into consideration in regards to further absences and will be at the discretion of the administration of MISD. Transfer revocation based upon failure to attend school will follow a meeting with the administration. 

    A transfer student involved in any major violation or several minor violations will be subject to transfer revocation. 

    All cases are reviewed on an individual basis. 


    1.  Withdrawing from Muenster ISD during the year your student`s transfer was accepted, will nullify the approval status for your student the remainder of the school year.

    2. Failure to attend the first day of instruction; will nullify acceptance for the entire school year in which the student was approved.


  • Free and Reduced Meal Application

  • Immunization Requirements

  • Proof of Residency