Welcome to Mrs. Danna Hess's Homepage!
    Name:     Danna Hess
    Email: danna.hess@muensterisd.org
    Phone: (940) 759-2281
    Conference: 8th period    2:45--3:30 pm
    I hope you are ready for a challenge everyday in my classroom. I hate to waste good tax dollars with goofing off! I will push you everyday in preparation for graduation and success in college! 
    It is very important that you learn to back your work up!  I enforce the ability to express your mathematics verbally (what is the question asking you to do), numerically (back your work up with a table), graphically (be able to show an appropriate graph in a given domain/range), and analytically (show your work algebraically!!!).  One of the biggest hookups kids have with math, is that they cannot "explain" or connect why they do something! 


    Graduated from Texas Woman's University in 1991 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics with Secondary Certification in math for grades 6-12, and physics in 2008.
    I am highly qualified in teaching AP and Pre-AP courses.

    I have been teaching at Muenster High School since the fall of 1991.  I am entering my 26th year at MHS! (Am I really old enough to be teaching that long????)

    I will teach the following courses during the 2016-2017 school year:
    Algebra II,  Fundamentals of College Algebra (FOCA), Precalculus, AP Calculus, and Academic Enrichment 

    I also am the coordinator for the high school TMSCA (Texas Math and Science Coaches' Association).  I coach number sense and mathematics for both TMSCA and UIL.  I also coach the elementary and junior high number sense UIL and TMSCA. 

    I am married to Brian "Zeke" Hess, and we have two daughters, Erin and Halle. Erin is a 2014 graduate of Muenster High School.  Halle is a fifth grader at Muenster Elementary.  Zeke and I are both natives of Muenster and enjoy living and working in our hometown,