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    Welcome to Carolyn Lutkenhaus' Homepage!
    Name:  Carolyn Lutkenhaus
    Email:  carolyn.lutkenhaus@muensterisd.org
    Phone: (940) 759-2281
    Conference:   12:40-1:40
    Howdy!  I’m really happy to be a part of Muenster ISD and I am looking forward to meeting you.
    I am a magna cum laude graduate of Texas Woman’s University and I began my teaching career at Callisburg.  Then I stayed at home for a number of years.  During that time I raised five children, was an active 4-H leader, built a home (doing most of the work ourselves), and was self-employed.  Our children are Clifford (fiancee Kathy, daughters Autumn and Haley), Charlene (fiance Paul), Robert (his wife, Tracy, son, Ryan, and daughter Mary Elizabeth), Mark, and Kevin (his wife Debra, son Alexander).  My husband, Dennis, is a graduate of MISD and CCJC.  Four of our children attended Texas A&M University at College Station, and 2 have graduated.  Whoop! 
    As our fourth child, Mark, was nearing high school graduation, I decided the time was right to go back to teaching.  I taught developmental math at North Central Texas College for 4 ½ years and math for 4 years at Gainesville Junior High before coming to Muenster.
    I am looking forward to my twelfth year at Muenster High School.  I greatly appreciate parents who take an interest in their children's classes.  The best way to keep track of your child's progress is to sign up for Parent Portal through the high school office.  This will allow you to check your student's progress and attendance at any time through the internet.  You can also find the math assignment there.
    Please be aware that daily grades are based upon short quizzes in the classroom.  Students are allowed to use homework for the quiz.

    Your child is always welcome to come in for extra help.  
    Tutorial time is available Monday through Friday 7:00 - 7:50 am, for one hour after school Tuesday through Thursday, and Friday - 30 minutes. Under my "helpful websites" location, you will find a link to your student's textbook publisher.  It has excellent tutorial videos, will "read" anything that is clicked on in the textbook, and many other assistance features. The full textbook is available online if your student does not have the book at home.  The website can also be accessed through a free App on your smart phone (Big Ideas...).  A code is needed for online (provided on my website) but not for the phone app.  You will also find a link to practical information related to bullying.
     Like all teachers, I want my students to be successful.  Having the necessary supplies (listed on this site), being in school daily (awake & alert), and being able to see the board are very important.  I appreciate your assistance in these matters.
    I also coach the UIL and TMSCA calculator applications for the high school. I am the UIL Academic Coordinator.  I am looking for competitive, responsible, self-motiviated students who would like to take their math experience to a higher level while learning new skills with calculators as well as students to take part in any of the other UIL contests.
    Please feel free to contact me by e-mail or phone with any questions or concerns related to your student.
Last Modified on August 8, 2018