Rules in Second Grade are few.  We believe that all children are different, and all actions and reactions are personal in nature.  Effective discipline involves a few overriding principles rather than a long list of specific rules.  Situations are dealt with as they arise, with the focus on enabling the child to grow and learn from his or her actions.





    1.  You may do anything you choose in your school as long as it does not cause a problem for anyone.


    2.  You may solve a problem any way you choose as long as it does not cause a problem for anyone.





    In ensuring that the above guidelines are adhered to, we will operate with the following principles as our guide:


    1.  We will react without anger or haste to problem situations.


    2.  We will provide consequences that allow the child to experience the results of a poor choice, enabling him or her to make better choices in the future.


    3.  We will proceed in all situations with the best interest of the child foremost in our mind - academic, social, and emotional well-being will be fostered.


    4.  We will guide students toward personal responsibility and the decision-making skills they will need to function in the real world.


    5.  We will arrange consequences for problem situations in such a way that the child will not be humiliated or demeaned.



    6.  Equal is not always fair.  Consequences will be designed to fit the problems of individual students, and they may be different even when problems appear to be the same.


    7.  We will make every effort to ensure that, in each situation, the students involved understand why they are involved in consequences.


    8.  If we act in a way that a child truly feels is unjust, that student need only say to us, "I'm not sure that's fair."  We will arrange a private conference during which the student can express to us why he or she feels our actions were not fair.  This may or may not change our course of action.  We are always open to calm, rational discussion of any matter.





    1.  Be a good listener and follow directions the first time they are given.


    2.  Raise your hand and wait to be called upon before you speak.


    3.  Use "inside voices" when speaking and "walking feet" when inside the building or in line.


    4.  Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.  No throwing objects in the classroom or rocks on the playground.


    5.  If what you are doing is disturbing someone else, you should stop doing it.


    6.  Take good care of materials and return them to their proper place.








    1st time:  Verbal warning and discuss problem.

    2nd time:  Move clothespin one level and receive verbal warning.

    3rd time:  Move clothespin to second level and lose 5 minutes of recess.

    4th time:  Move clothespin to third level and lose 10 minutes of recess.

    5th time:  Move clothespin to fourth level and notify parents.


    Severe Disruption:  Sent to principal immediately.


    The purpose of a discipline plan is to change unacceptable behavior.  Therefore, if a child's behavior does not change after repeated tries alternative consequences need to be tried.  At this point the parents, principal, and teachers will work closely together to alter the unacceptable behavior.


    We will discuss this plan with your child, but would appreciate it if you would review it with him/her.  Please keep this plan for referral in the future.  Also, please sign the attached acknowledgement sheet and return it to your child's teacher.


    Rewards:  Students who behave appropriately will be positively rewarded with praise, stickers, free time, and other surprises.   Your child’s behavior will be recorded in the Reminder Binder daily.  At the end of each day, your child will receive a sticker if he/she has not moved a clothespin that day. 
    Checking Behavior:  Each day your child will color their "color" at the end of the day in their Reminder Binder.  If they do not move a clothespin, they will remain on green.  A clothespin moved once will be yellow, twice is orange, and the third time a clothespin is moved is red.  We all hope for many "Green" days!















    I have read the Second Grade discipline plan and discussed it with my child.  We both understand and agree that these rules will help us to have a successful school year.  Please sign and return this page.


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