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                                           SECOND GRADE 
                                       2019-2020 SCHOOL YEAR



    Arrival time:                   Between 7:30 a.m. and 7:55 a.m.

    Class begins:                   7:55 a.m.

    Class ends:                      3:30 p.m.

    Monday early dismissal:  3:00 p.m.

    (for teacher in-service)

    Pick up area:                    North end of the elementary




    Parents need to drop off their students and park on the NORTH side of the elementary building.  There is NO parking (or dropping off) on the SOUTH side of the building where the buses are parked. 



    It is very important for your child to learn the importance of being on time to school.  The tardy bell rings at 7:55 a.m.  If your child is tardy, he/she must get a tardy slip from the office before coming to class.  Be sure to review our tardy policy in the student handbook.  After three tardies per 6 weeks, students are assigned detention.


    Attendance is very important in Second Grade.  Please call or let the teacher know ahead of time if your child is going to be absent.  When your child returns to school, you must send a note.  Attach the note to the inside of your child's Reminder Binder.  If your child goes to the doctor, dentist, etc.  get a note from their office. 



    Each day your child will bring home his/her Reminder Binder that will contain a behavior calendar, notes to parents, work completed, and any necessary homework or daily work to complete.  Please look at your child’s Reminder Binder and SIGN IT EACH DAY.



    If there is a change in transportation arrangements or who is to pick up your child, PLEASE WRITE A NOTE IN THE REMINDER BINDER or call the school.  This will help us ensure the safety of your child.



    Please let us know if you have questions or if your child is experiencing anxiety or frustration about anything at school.  Ten minutes in conference or on the telephone can clear a lot of concern and make the days more positive for everyone. 



    A policy manual will be sent home.  Please read it carefully.  For safety reasons, also check to make sure your child can run and play in the shoes he/she wears to school.  Coach asks that they bring or wear tennis shoes for P.E. 




    When sending money to school, PLEASE put the money in an envelope or baggie with your child’s name and teacher’s name on the outside.  Label this with what the money is to be used for and please clip or staple this to the spiral notebook/reminder binder.





    Homework will be written in the spiral notebook each day by the student.  Parent signature is required upon completion of the homework. 


    We require each student to complete the homework assigned each night.  This is reinforcing the concepts we have covered in class that day.  When students do not do the assigned lessons, they tend to feel left behind and often have trouble understanding the lesson the next day.


    Homework Schedule

    Monday, Tuesday, Thursday:

    Ø    Reading: student must read to an adult for 15  minutes.  The adult records in the Reminder Binder how many minutes were read and the last page number that was read.

    Ø    Math:   Math worksheet.  An adult should assist and check over the work.  Practice memorizing basic facts.

    Ø    Phonics:  Phonics worksheet.  An adult should assist and check over the work.

    Ø    Spelling: Study for a test on Friday.  A list of words will come home every Monday.


    Ø    Reading: 15 minutes

    Ø    Spelling:  Study for a test on Friday
         Math:  Practice Memorizing Basic Math Facts


    Ø    Reading: 15 minutes, some time during the weekend.
        Math:  Practice Memorizing Basic Math Facts



    Your child’s work will be sent home on Friday of each week with a stapled note attached for your signature stating that you have reviewed your child’s work for that week.  Please return the signed note on Monday. You may keep all other papers at home.



    We love to help your child celebrate his/her birthday.  Please feel free to send birthday goodies to share with the class during afternoon break time.  Any party invitations should be handled outside of school to avoid hurt feelings.



    On special occasions, the children will be allowed to bring a toy to school from home for show and tell.  You will be notified in advance.  PLEASE do not allow your child to bring them any other time.




    At times throughout the year, we will send home book offer forms.  When you purchase books from them, our classroom receives free books.  However, orders are strictly voluntary.



    Students need to bring a water bottle (with water, only) to school during the hot weeks of August and September to use on the playground.  Clearly print your child’s name on it with permanent marker.  


    Parents are encouraged to be involved in our school activities.  Please feel free to come for special occasions and any other activity your child is involved in.  We love to have family members to come as “guest readers” to read a special book to us or to be a “guest speaker” to share an interesting topic.  We will need every parent to sign up to help with at least one event/party.  If you have not already signed up during Howdy Night, please contact us.  There is a sign up page on this web site.



    Student lunchtime is 11:10 a.m. You are welcome to join your child for lunch.  However, please let us know in advance so that the cafeteria can be prepared.  When sending lunch money, please put it in an envelope or baggie with your child’s name on it.


    ** Due to being a “closed campus,” parents are not allowed to bring lunches directly to the cafeteria nor can a parent bring a lunch from an outside vendor (ex. Sonic, Cici’s Pizza, etc.) to their child at school. **




    Appointments for a conference can be made by sending a note in the Reminder Binder or calling the school secretary.