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    Dear Parents,

    I hope your child is as excited as I am for a very memorable and rewarding school year.  I feel very privileged to be their teacher, and I look forward to the many learning opportunities we will share this upcoming year.

    The following information will enable you as parents to be better informed about our expecations and the First Grade routine in general.



    Jill Reiter

    MISD First Grade Teacher

    First Grade Classroom Procedures

    **Please Save for Future Reference**

    School Time

    Please have your child rested and at school no earlier than 7:30 a.m. and no later than 7:50 a.m.  There is no teacher on duty to watch students until 7:30 a.m., so if you drop off too early, there will not be anyone there to watch them. All students will be dropped off by the activity room on the north end of the building. First Grade students will be dismissed at 3:30 p.m. and will be brought to the activity room for dismissal.  Please stay in your car and the children will be brought to you.  School will dismiss at 3:00 p.m. every Monday.  Please be prompt to pick students up as staff members will be attending in-service/staff meetings.


    Attendance is very important in First Grade.  Please call or let the teacher know ahead of time if your child is going to be absent.  When your child returns to school, you must send a note.  Attach the note to the inside of your child’s Reminder Binder.  If your child goes to the doctor, dentist, etc., please get a note from their office to be turned in with their absentee form. 

    Make Up Work

    All work missed due to absences must be made up.  One make up day is allowed for each day the child is absent.  If the student is absent one day, he or she will have one day to make up the work; absent for two days, he or she will have two days…etc.


    If studenst are late to class (“tardy”) they must get an admit clip from the office.  Please note that after three tardies, students are assigned a lunch detention.

    Dress Code:

    A policy manual will be sent home.  Please read it carefully.   Please make sure your child wears clothes that he/she can easily button or zip after using the restroom.    Tennis shoes must be worn  for P.E.  We go to P.E. at 8:45, so it is best for kids to wear tennis shoes to school.  They can change after P.E. if they wish to do so.

    Change in Transportation

    If there is a change in transportation arrangements, or who is to pick up your child, PLEASE WRITE A NOTE IN THE REMINDER BINDER OR CALL SCHOOL.  This will help us ensure the safety of your child.  You would not believe how many times students tell us that they are not taking their usual means of transportation just because they do or do not want to ride the bus etc. .  This will help us SO much to cut down confusion in the afternoon, and more importantly insure the safety of your child in getting home to you!


    Appointments for a conference can be made by sending a note in the Reminder Binder or calling the school secretary. My conference time is 8:45-9:30.


    We love to help your child celebrate his/her birthday.  Please feel free to send birthday goodies to share.  You may send snacks for one class or both.  At this time, there are 14 students in Mrs. Saucer’s class and 14 in Mrs. Reiter’s class.  If you are sending Birthday Party invitations to school, please make sure you are planning to invite ALL students or ALL girls or ALL boys.  If not, you will need to pass out invitations outside of school.  This will ensure that nobody’s feelings will be hurt.


    Parents are welcome to join your child for lunch any time; however, please let your teacher know in advance so that the cafeteria can be prepared.   


    Notes will be sent home when extra supplies are needed.  Thank you for making sure your child has the necessary equipment and materials.

    Restroom Breaks
    Restroom breaks are given frequently before and after P.E., lunch, Art/Computer and recess.  I encourage all children to go at this time.  If I am teaching a lesson, I may not allow a student to go at that given time.  Same goes for getting a drink.  WATER bottles are allowed in the classroom.


    Homework will be assigned every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.  Homework is mandatory and must be done before the start of school.   I will use a daily chart to track the days homework is turned in on time and it is correct.  Parents PLEASE check the homework.  Some of the math is tricky, so just write me a little note on the paper.When the student fills up the homework chart, they will receive a “No Homework Pass”.  However, if homework is not complete ,  a sticker will not be given  in the reminder binder for the day.  The homework needs to be turned in the following day. Lastly, if you fail to complete 3 assignments in any given month, you will be required to serve a lunch detention. The NO HOMEWORK pass can be used on Math and Phonics. It CAN NOT BE USED ON READING.


    I will grade every paper handed in.  However, not every grade will count towards the six week grade.  Wednesday and Friday will be our big GRADE days.   Any assignment completed in learning lab will receive a 70. 

    If Finished With Work Early, Please Do the Following:


    • Carefully check  work over again;
    • Make sure all other work from the day is done.  If not, take this time to complete it;
    • Take out library book  and read quietly.
    • Study Math Fact Cards

    Weekly Work

    Each week, graded schoolwork will be sent home.  Parents, I ask that you please review the work carefully in order to stay informed of your child’s progress.  Once you have looked it over, please sign and return  the Weekly Work slip. DO NOT RETURN THE GRADED PAPERS.

    *Occasionally, work done together in class will not be graded. 

     Take Home Readers

    In addition to reading in the classroom, students will be provided with Leveled Readers. Students are required to read 15 minutes each night.  This should be an enjoyable activity, not a chore.  Someone must listen to the child  read.

    Signing Off on Reading Time

    Parents, please record the reading minutes in the reading folder on the reading log sheet.   Please include 1) Title; 2) Page Numbers; and 3) Number of Minutes. PLEASE ADD UP THE TOTAL MINUTES READ AT THE END OF THE MONTH.

    End of the Day Routine

    • Clean up work area
    • Make sure homework and readers are in binder
    • Pack up.

                Classroom Rules 

     ***** BE KIND TO OTHERS****

    1.      Listen when others are talking.

    2.    Follow directions the first time given.

    3.    Always complete classwork QUIETLY.

    4.    Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

    5.    Try your best!






    If You Choose to Break Class Rules During the Week…

    1st Time:       Receive a verbal warning 

    2nd Time:      Move  clothes pin to YELLOW, lose 10 minutes of recess, and have a note sent home to your parents

    3rd Time:      Move  clothes pin to ORANGE and lose all of recess.

    4th Time:      Move clothes pin to RED and be sent to the Principal’s Office.