• Space 2010!!

    Today Thet Learn, Tomorrow They LeadSpace Puzzle

    Sky SE Wall NE Wall Space StationSpace Ship Recycled Rocket N. Wall Giant Meteor S. Wall Recycled Rocket 24th Grade UFO Space Ship MuralRecycled Rocket 3 
    Space Station 2 5th Grade UFO

    Recycled Rocket 3

    This year's theme was fun and exciting.  The kids really enjoyed it.


    Paper Plate Suns

    Moon Rocks

    Night Surprises


    Space Shuttles


    1st Grade

    Paper Plate Flying Saucers

    Night Surprises

    Paper Plate Planets

    Space Mobiles

    Dough Aliens


    2nd Grade

    Stuffed Moons

    Starry Night


    3rd Grade

    Recycled Rockets

    Galaxy Scratch Art


    4th Grade

    Create a Constellation

    Astronaut Murals

    Blue Moon Paintings


    Spaceship Murals

    UFO Murals

    Space Station Murals

    Comet Mural


    5th Grade

    Paper Mache Planets

    Giant UFO

    Glue Rockets


    CD Hover Crafts


    6th Grade

    Chalk Solar Systems

    Martian Photo Opportunity

    Space Shuttle Mural

    Walk in Rocket

    Large Dough Alien

Last Modified on August 28, 2019