Character  Education
    Character education is the deliberate effort to develop good character based on essential virtues.
    The Six Pillars of Character
    Be Honest * Don't deceive, cheat or steal * Be reliable * Have the courage to do the right thing * Build a good reputation * Be loyal.
    The Golden Rule-Treat others the way you want to be treated * Be accepting of differences * Use good manners * Be considerate of other people's feelings * Do not intentionally hurt someone * Never try to solve problems with violence.
    Do what you are supposed to do * Persevere- keep trying even when things are harder than expected * Always do your best * Be self-disciplined * Thing before you act or speak- consider the consequences * Be accountable for the choice you make- don't blame others or take credit for other's work.
    Play by the rules * Take turns and share * Be open-minded * Don't blame others * Don't take advantage of others.
    Be kind * Be compassionate- show you care * Express gratitude * Forgive others * Help others in need.
    Do your share to make your community and school better * Cooperate * Obey laws * Respect authority * Stay informed.
    A person of character is trustworthy, treats others with respect, is responsible, practices fairness, is caring and compassinate, and displays good citizenship traits.



Last Modified on August 27, 2013