• Prep for College Algebra





    I am excited to begin another year in a fourth mathematics course at Muenster High School.  To abbreviate the name of the class, I will refer to it as FOCA.  The main goal is to prepare each student for College Algebra, and ultimately pass the CLEP test and earn college credit.  CLEP is offered by the College Board, this organization the releases the SAT and AP tests that are recognized at thousands of colleges and universities.  It is all about preparing you for college, but also saving you time and lots of money by not having to take the course.  My goal is to finish our material by April 1st, and then begin reviewing and preparing for the CLEP test.  It will be optional to take, but even if you choose not to take the CLEP test, you will still do all of the work that will be required for grades that six weeks.  The cost of the CLEP is $77.00, and $20 to NCTC for testing facility.  It may sound like a lot, but the time and money you will save from paying for a three hour course, the book, and the time, will out weigh those fees exponentially!!!


    We will be working out of two books, our current Algebra II and Precalculus.  We will be  enriching what you learned in Algebra II, and taking it a step further for the material in College Algebra.  The Precal book can be used for other courses too.  I have broken down what chapters I do in Precal and FOCA, some overlaps, but not much.


    FOCA:                                                                             PRECALCULUS:

    Chapters: 1,2,3,7,8*,9*                                           Chapters: 2*,4,6,5,10,9,12

    (*Partial chapter)                                                    (Sequenced out of order for a purpose)


    As you can see, they do overlap slightly, but not much.  Most of the material you will cover, you touched on a bit in Algebra II, and we will dive into the material deeper, and extend it to cover more at the college level. 


    We will begin the year by researching a different college or university and find out the admission process, minimum test scores required by SAT or ACT, and a CLEP score needed to earn college credit and hours towards their degree.  Once we have researched it, we will compile it into one massive resource that all of us can share together.  Remember knowledge is power and the better you are prepared in the classroom and about the college admissions process, the better prepared you are to make that journey to the next level in your extended education! 


    Any questions please feel free to email me at dhess@muensterisd.net or call the high school office to set up an appointment for a parent/teacher conference.



    Danna Hess
    Below are the Chapter outlines with homework assignments: