Printable Version:Discipline Management form

    1.)       Respect each other and your teacher (me)

    2.)       Bring required materials to class:

    a.)    book

    b.)    notebook

    c.)    notecards

    d.)    pens, pencils, highliters, erasers

    e.)    calculators

    3.)       No cheating, if caught I will give you a zero on the assignment, and fill out a discipline referral and send to the office.

    4.)       Leave your “attitude” outside this room

    5.)       Homework is due at the beginning of class.  You must show work for credit!
    I REPEAT...you must show work for credit!!! I tend to give you the odd numbered problems in the book, which have the answers in the back! We all can copy answers down, but they do not get you credit for your homework. 

    6.)       Tutorials are from 7:30 am to 7:55 am, not during activity, and can be after school if you make prior arrangements with me

    7.)       Be prepared for a quiz and/or notebook checks everyday, you will probably have two a week. 

    8.)       Tests are returned to you for correction purposes, after class discussions, they will be returned to me and kept on file and then recorded in my grade book.  If your parents would like to see the tests, they may be checked out that day.  You must return them the next morning before school.  I will not record your grade until it is returned.  Each day that it is not returned, I will deduct 10 points from the actual grade received.

    9.)       If we have over 10 daily grades, I will drop your lowest score . (does not include test scores!!!!)




    Tests 60% of six weeks grade, with a minimum of 2 major grades

    Homework and quizzes 40% of six weeks grade, minimum of 9 daily grades

    All Classes:  Notebook checks total two daily grades, if you miss a check you lose 10 points, you may gain back 5 points if you turn in late.  (I will explain in class)



    If you attend at least 5 tutorials from 7:30-7:55 am in a six weeks period, you will receive 10 points on your lowest test. You must sign in the tutorial book each time.  Each week the sheets are taken up and kept on file.  This should bring your average up at least two points. THIS IS THE ONLY EXTRA CREDIT I GIVE!!!!