• PRINTABLE VERSION: Will be sent home with each student 
    Danna Hess 
                                                             Mathematics Teacher Muenster High School
    Algebra II, Fundamentals of College Algebra, Precalculus, AP Calculus, Academic Enrichment




    Classroom Rules:


    1.  Show respect at all time

    2.  Be prepared for class by having required materials, and completed work

    3.  Homework is due at the beginning of class, tutorials are at 7:30-7:55 am or after school with prior arrangement.  (I have a young child in elementary again)

    4.  Keep the lines of communication open with me and your parents at all times

    5.  Leave your attitude outside of the classroom


    *All District and Muenster JH/HS rules and policies set forth in the Student Code of Conduct, Muenster Student Handbook, and classroom rules will be adhered to at all times.


    The following offenses will be dealt with in this manner:


    1.                    Any type of cell phone use in my classroom is prohibited unless permission is granted by the teacher, it will be confiscated and turned into the office where you will pay a fine of $15 at the end of the day to get it back!!! (District policy)

    2.                   Food, drink, or gum will be confiscated and thrown away.  Repeated behavior will be dealt with as an “open defiance” referral from the teacher.

    3.                   Students are tardy if they are not prepared for class and have to return to their locker to get the required materials



    Minor Classroom Disruption

       Examples:  excessive talking and horseplay, negative comments about a project and others’ work

    1.                    Verbal warning

    2.                   Student/teacher conference immediately and parent contact via phone call.

    3.                   Teacher discipline referral.

          (Minor classroom disruptions will be documented on a semester basis.)


    Major Classroom Disruption (immediate discipline referral)

    Examples:  cheating, dress code violation, profanity, prohibited items (cell phone, mp3/CD player), open defiance, etc…