Final Local District of Innovation Plan for 2022-2027 (PDF) is now available.  It was presented to the Muenster ISD School Board on April 20, 2022 and Updated April 27, 2022. 
    It was submitted to the Texas Education Agency - Division of Accreditation and Enforcement on April 28, 2022. 

    Local District of Innovation Plan (Updated Jan 28, 2022)
    "The Muenster ISD Administration has met with community, parents, faculty members, and TASB representatives to make deletions and minor changes to our current District of Innovation Plan.  If you would like to present input on the plan, please contact Steven Self, Superintendent at 940-759-2281 or email at steven.self@muensterisd.org.  Thank you for your support!"
    District of Innovation Plan (PDF) - updated Jan. 28, 2022
  • Muenster ISD Seeks Input on District of Innovation Renewal Process January 28, 2022
    Dear Community Members,
    This school year, the Muenster ISD has been involved with the review and renewal of our District of Innovation (DOI) Plan and status. We have had a meeting with our District Education Improvement Committee and had a public hearing at our school board meeting on July 21st to gather comments and ideas on the current DOI Plan. We have welcomed comments or ideas on the current DOI Plan and ways to improve it. The revised draft plan is complete and MISD is providing an additional six weeks for community members, parents, and staff to review before School Board approval and submittal to the Texas Education Agency. Please call me at 940-759-2281 or email me at steven.self@muensterisd.org with ideas or comments on the draft of the 2022-2027 MISD District of Innovation Plan at https://www.muensterisd.net/domain/195
    Thank you for your support of the Muenster ISD!