• Dear Parents,


    Welcome to 1st Grade!  This is such an exciting time in your child’s life.  We want to help your child develop a strong sense of “self”, to feel worthwhile, capable, and to help them become a contributing member of a group.  In order to guarantee your child, and all the students in our classrooms, the excellent learning climate they deserve, we will be utilizing the following Discipline Plan for our classrooms. 


    Our Philosophy:

              We believe that all of our students can behave appropriately in the classroom.  Activities are planned to allow for active participation.  Students are expected to behave in a manner that is appropriate for a six year old child.  The following rules are our classroom rules.  They are worded in a manner that is easy for children to understand.



    My Classroom Rules:

              1.  Be a good listener.           

              2.  Use your walking feet.

              3.  Use your inside voice.

              4.  Use your good manners.


    If a student chooses to break a rule:


    First Time:            The child will receive a reminder of what is expected.

    Your child will not have to change his/her color from green, and will still receive a “Good Day” mark in the reminder binder.  We all make mistakes.


    Second Time:        Your child will move his clothespin to yellow. The child will receive another reminder of what is expected.Your child will take a 5 min. time out.  This may be a time out from recess, centers, or free choice time.  The child will receive another verbal warning.


    Third Time:           The child will take a 10 min. time out. This may be a time out from recess, centers, or free choice time.  The child will receive another verbal warning. 


    Fourth Time:        The child will move his clothespin to red.  The child will be sent to the principal’s office.  A disciplinary form from the office will be sent home, and an appropriate consequence will be assigned by the principal.



    ****Severe disruptions could lead to your child being sent directly to the principal’s office.


              During the year, the children will receive many positive comments about appropriate behavior.  The true goal is for the children to feel good about their behavior and to behave because of their inward motivation.  If your child has a Green dot in the reminder binder, that means your child had a Great Day and did not have any crayons pulled.  However, if your child does not have a dot, please discuss with your child how they can make better choices and follow the rules for the classroom.

              If at any time you would like to discuss behavior concerns with me, please feel free to contact me.  When the teacher and the parents work together, positive results are achieved.  Please help your child to learn appropriate school behavior by supporting our attempts to instill positive behavior in your child.

              Please sign the tear off portion of this page and return it to school on the first day of school.  If you have any questions, please contact me so that we can discuss them. 


    Thank You,

    Mrs. Huchton



    I have read and understand the Discipline Plan for your classroom.


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Last Modified on August 5, 2019