• Classroom Rules and Procedures

     Mrs. Reynolds’ Pre-K



    1. Listening Ear: I will listen and follow directions
    2. Raised Hands: I will raise my hand to share ideas. 
    3. Quiet Mouths: I will use a soft voice inside. 
    4. Walking Feet: I will walk in school to be safe.
    5. Helping Hands: I will use my hands for helping, not hurting. 
    6. Caring Heart: I will use kind words. 



    The Hornet Reminder Binder and the purple folder will be sent home every night. Please sign the binder nightly and check for any notes and papers in the purple folder. Send both back each day. If you have notes or money, please leave them clipped with the paperclip in the Reminder Binder. Your child will receive a sticker in the binder each day if their clip did not move and they had good behavior. 


    Starting next week, we will begin our classroom behavior plan. This year, my students will be striving to stay bright and colorful! Each student will have a crayon box with 4 “crayons” in it. They will start each day with their green crayon in front, followed by yellow, orange, and red crayons. When they make a bad choice, they will take whichever crayon is in the front and place it in my crayon box. They will also have an opportunity to gain more crayons. If they make good choices throughout the day, they can receive a blue crayon and a purple crayon! When a student repeatedly makes good choices, they will get “fuzzies” added to their cups, along with receiving more colors in their box. The more colors in their box at the end of the day, the better their day was! Here is a list of what the different color crayons mean:


    • Purple- Outstanding! (Sticker goes home in Reminder Binder and receives 3 fuzzies in their cup!)
    • Blue- Great Choices! (Sticker goes home in Reminder Binder and receives 2 fuzzies in their cup!)
    • Green- Ready to Learn (Sticker goes home in Reminder Binder and receives 1 fuzzy in their cup!)
    • Yellow- Think About It! (Warning- sticker goes home in Reminder Binder. If the behavior improves, they can regain their Green crayon. If they have to flip their crayon back to Yellow after this, they cannot regain their Green crayon again. No fuzzies added to their cup.)
    • Orange- Make Better Choices (no sticker and no flipping back to Yellow or Green. No fuzzies added to their cup)
    • Red- Parent Contact (depending on the behavior they could miss center time, recess, get a note sent home or a trip to the office. They will not receive a sticker if they end the day on red. No fuzzies added to their cup.)


    *A hint for remembering which colors reflect good choices and which colors reflect bad choices when discussing your child’s day: cool colors mean “cool” choices!*


    The students can receive fuzzies to put in their cups for any good choices they make. Even if they flip to their Yellow, Orange, or Red crayon, they can still receive fuzzies if they are caught making good choices throughout the day. They will just not receive any extras at the end of the day. When a student reaches 10 fuzzies in their cup, they will get to pick a prize from the prize drawer!.



    • Pre-K Tuition is due on the 7th of every month.