Keep in binder at all times




    • It is a good idea to use the restroom and get a drink.  If you are going to be late, you can ask a friend to tell the teacher. 
    • Successful students also check to make sure they have what they need for class:


      1. Binder with signed Reminder Binder and paper
      2. Pencil
      3. Any textbooks, homework, paperwork, lunch money, admission slip for absences, etc. that is due
      4. Library book and work to do if you finish early
      5. Water bottle with a lid. MUST BE CLEAR Bottle.




    • It is great to see students walk quietly to their seats.  If you have information for the teacher or questions you can raise your hand and wait to be called upon.  
    • Students who like to prevent having to do homework observe the assignment on the board, and begin work immediately.


    1. Mrs. Otto’s kids will wait on the wall beside her room.
    2. Mrs. Sicking’s kids will wait on the wall beside her room.
    3. Mrs. Huchton’s kids will wait on black line beside her room in front of lockers.
    4. Mrs. Waneck’s kids will wait on the wall beside her room.
    5. Mrs. Walterscheid’s kids will wait on the wall beside the water fountain.
    6. You may have to wait in the back of the classroom until all the desks are wiped down.



    1. At this time we are not allowing any outside treats for birthday celebrations.
    2. There will not be any water jug in the cafeteria, however you can bring your water bottle.  
    3. Also there will be no microwave to use in the cafeteria at this time as well.

                We do apologize for this inconvenience.

    EMERGENCY AND DRILL PROCEDURES-We want all students to be safe because we care about you.  

    Remain calm and silent.


    • Line up in alphabetical order.
    • Go to designated area silently:


    Tornado – kneeling against wall

    Fire – outside west door to sidewalk


    • Stay together
    • Remain calm and silent.
    • Immediately begin work upon return to class.




    1. All work with a proper heading will be graded.  Proper headings include the following (see example on board):
      1. First and last name in the upper right hand corner


    • Date just beneath the name
    • Class number in upper left corner


    1. All papers turned into the correct file,(when applicable) and in numerical order will receive full credit. Late work will have points deducted for each day late. 




    • Graded work will be returned when recorded.    


    Honest students show their parents their work right away.


    • Honest and responsible students also have parents sign their “Reminder Binder” every evening to affirm that their parents have seen any work, homework assignments, or communication from teachers.





    • Tutorials are required for students who:
    • Earn a 75 or less on any assignment
    • Have received a progress report or report card grade of 75 or less.  A tutorial schedule will be posted.




    • When one person reads aloud in class, polite students silently read along.
    • If a student struggles with a word, the teacher will politely coach the reader.





    • Students that are prepared for class keep spare sharpened pencils in their binder.
    • Pencils may be sharpened during bell work and seat work with permission. 
    • Polite students do not ask to sharpen pencils 
    • During tests or
    • While the teacher or others are speaking or reading
    • Polite students choose to disassemble mechanical pencils outside of class.  I will collect any disassembled mechanical pencils I see in my class.





    • Polite students STAY SEATED when they finish before others so their classmates are not disturbed.
    • If you finish work early you may:
    • Double check your work
    • Read your library book
    • Do homework or assignments from other classes






    • When responsible students are absent they check for missed assignments, copy missed notes, and gain any other missed information.  The teacher will not track down someone who has been absent to do this for them.
    • Students receive one day to make up work per day absent.  
    • Parents or siblings may pick up assignments any time during the student’s absence.  It is helpful if the teacher is notified ahead of time.




    1. For the safety of everyone, only students with symptoms of illness need to visit the nurse. (Feeling feverish, nauseous, headache, etc.)  The school nurse will not have cough drops or lip balm for students. Feel free to bring your own from home if needed. Teachers will have a limited supply of band-aids and antiseptic ointment. 
    2. Students that take medication on a regular basis will continue to get that from the nurse. 
    3. Students with a fever will be isolated from others and a parent will be called to come get them. Students must be fever free for 24 hours before returning to school.
    4. Please do not send kids to school if they have a fever or are throwing up before school, even if medication has been given. This still puts all students and staff at risk. 
    5. Remember, we want all students and teachers to be safe and healthy. These guidelines are for everyone’s benefit. 



    1. In order to try out for cheer, the student must be currently enrolled at Muenster ISD, have been in attendance since the first day of the spring semester prior to tryouts, and have received a report card from MISD. They must also have received a passing grade of 70 in all classes for each six weeks period of the current school year. If a student is new to the MISD and a report card was issued from another school during the school year in which they are trying out, they must also present a report card from that school to show proof of a passing grade of 70 in all classes for each six weeks period.



    1. Your child is required to read at least 20 minutes each evening.                               - Record the pages read in the “Reminder Binder.”
    2. The “Reminder Binder” needs to be signed on a daily basis.  

    - No initials, please. 

    1. Vocabulary assignments (Canvas) are due on Wednesday in Reading.
    2. Spelling tests and assignments are due on Friday in Language
    3. If you would like to pick your child up from assemblies/pep rally please write a note in the reminder binder, so they can bring their things with them.

    Please remember this is only for convenience purposes and not to replace all parent-teacher conferences, nor to be a source of immediate reply such as notifying us your child needs to find different transportation for that day.  You are still welcome to write notes in your child’s Reminder Binder or to call us at school during our conference time (940-759-2281 ext. 621) for any information you feel we need to know.  Also, refer to the MuensterISD website and teacher pages for information.  We are excited about this new year and teaching your children.  Please help to keep the lines of communication open, and we will do the same.     


    Thank you,


    Sandra Busby (Elementary ELA & Math)        sandra.busby@muensterisd.org                        Conference 2:42-3:30                                         

    Bernadette Otto (4 th, 5th & 6th Science)       bernadette.otto@muensterisd.org         Conference: 12:46-1:34

    Michelle Hennigan (Elementary ELA & Math)  michelle.hennigan@muensterisd.org            Conference: 1:50-2:37

    Dyan Huchton (5th & 6th  Math)            dyan.huchton@muensterisd.org           Conference: 9:37-10:25

    Cicily Waneck (5th & 6th Social Studies)         cicily.waneck@muensterisd.org           Conference: 9:37-10:25

    Jennifer Walterscheid (6th Reading & 6th Eng) jennifer.walterscheid@muensterisd.org            Conference: 12:46-1:34

    Michelle Sicking ( 5th Reading & English)        michelle.sicking@muensterisd.org     Conference: 9:37-10:25

Last Modified on September 22, 2020