2018 Teacher Grants from the Muenster Education Foundation

  • The second annual teacher grant awards were presented on October 26th during the school day. The following teachers were awarded funds for their proposed grants as follows:

    1. Ms. Jenna McCarty-AG teacher. Her classes will finish the design and structure of the greenhouse.They will also begin planting for this school year. The amount awarded is $896 with possible student impact of 80+ AG students, grades 8-12. Community Lumber Company will assist Ms.McCarty with this project.

    2. Mrs. Otto, Mrs. Sicking and Mrs. McCarty-"Growing Green at MISD". These teachers span across campuses to propose the building of 5 raised planting beds at the fenced in elementary yard. They will cultivate their own food, observe sustainability along with life cycle of plants, insects and other science mechanics. The amount awarded is $1045 with possible student impact of 120+ to include all science classes throughout the entire MISD. Melvin and Terri Luke's Ace Hardware will assist these teachers with this project.

    3. Mrs. Kelley-elementary music teacher- "UKE can do it". This proposal involves the purchase of Ukuleles to instruct students on how to read music and play an instrument which will enhance students' technical skills in other areas such as reading and math. The introduction of a string instrument as opposed to a recorder is a more receptive tool in current times. This acceptance was based on a futuristic goal of re-introducing music back into the secondary curriculum at some point. The amount awarded is $1,750 with student impact of approx.105, 4th through 6th grades.

    4. Mrs. Carol Cook-Elementary computer teacher-"We can do Robotics 2". Her proposal is for two sets of Lego We Do 2 models. Students will do computer coding with hands on applications. This involves group work and problem solving skills. The amount awarded is $409.06 with student impact of 80, 3rd and 4th grades.

Last Modified on March 24, 2023