2019 Teacher Grants from the Muenster Education Foundation

  • On Friday, October 25th, the MISD Education Foundation prize patrol was once again on both school campuses awarding yearly teacher grants!  For the 2019-2020 school year, four grants were awarded to some exciting programs proposed by teachers.  They are as follows:  

    1.  On the High School campus, Mrs. Bridgette Carroll-Art Teacher-proposed a “Daily Document Camera.”  This camera is like a projector as it displays detailed demonstrations for art project assignments.  This tool will make it easier for students to understand the more specific aspects of each art lesson.  This proposal will impact 96 students.

    2.  Also on the High School and Agriculture campuses, Mrs. Molly Sicking-Environmental Science and Biology teacher, Ms. Brooke Beall-Family Consumer Science teacher, and Ms. Jenna McCarty-Horticulture teacher, will all benefit from a Tower Garden with their “Continuing to Grown Green” proposal.  This project will teach students another alternative way of raising food free of pests and for immediate consumption. This proposal will impact 160 students.  

    3.  On the Elementary Campus, the third grant recipients are 2nd grade class teachers, Mrs. Kim Budish and Mrs. Lisa Hoepfner.  They proposed a “River Ecosystems” project which will allow 5 aquariums to be set up in each 2nd grade classroom.  Groups of students will be assigned an aquarium and be responsible for the care of living creatures and plants in the ecosystem.  They will learn the science skills of observing and documenting living organisms using this hands-on experience.  This program will impact 40 students.  

    4.  Finally, the fourth grant recipient is Mrs. Carol Cook, Mrs. Debra Sicking and Mrs. Lou Heers. This program is elementary campus wide, because it is a yearly online reading and math program subscription.  This highly individualized program monitors reading and math progress with science concepts embedded within the program.  Each student works independently on Chromebooks to show teachers where each student ranks in classroom instruction.  Reports are then viewed by teachers and instruction is adjusted accordingly. This program will impact over 300 students.


    The total amount awarded to grants this year is $3,135.57.  Award money is budgeted every year based on the annual “Trivia Night” income. The MISD Education Foundation’s mission is to provide and manage funding to assist teachers and staff in delivering instructional programs for the students of MISD.  In order to meet our mission, we rely on the generosity of individuals and businesses for support.  This year, Muenster Family Medical-Amy Dangelmayr, FNP-C has agreed to help with the “Continuing to Grown Green” project by donating the Tower Garden. The foundation will provide the other materials listed in the proposal.  Be sure and look for progress photos on the foundation's Facebook page!    


Last Modified on March 24, 2023