• What is Canvas? 

    Canvas is the Learning Management System (LMS) that Muenster ISD uses to provide online and blended learning opportunities.  All students have a Canvas account.  If a teacher has course content in Canvas, the student will have automaticall have access to the class.  If a parent would like viewing rights to the course, please contact Instructional Technologist, Debra Sicking, dsicking@muensterisd.org.
    What’s an LMS? An LMS is a web-based software application that delivers instruction in an online format. Students can work through content anywhere by simply logging on from a computer or mobile device. Instructors can administer, differentiate and manage instructional content, assess and identify individual learning needs, track student progress, and report student growth.

    How Do I Log Into My Canvas Course?

    All students and teachers have a Canvas account that is linked to the Google login. 
    1. Go to https://muensterisd.instructure.com
    2. You should be automatically logged in with your Google creditials.  
    3. If you are prompted, login using your Google email address and password.   

    Where Can I Get Help with Canvas?

    • Tech Support: Email our Instructional Technologist, Debra Sicking, at dsicking@muensterisd.org .
    • Canvas Guides: The Canvas Community has lots of helpful guides that explain everything you need to know for navigating the site and using the tools.