• ** Current MISD Student Registration **

    Online Student Registration


    Parents will access the ASCENDER ParentPortal with the same account information (User Name and Password) as before.



    parent portal guide

    CHOOSE the DOCUMENT below that applies to your situation, and keep as a reference while registering your child online.

    As a reminder, our district has added the ability to complete all student registrations online.  This added benefit will prevent the abundance of paperwork being sent home with your child the first week of school.  Names, addresses and other personal information will be filled in automatically, decreasing the time required to complete these required forms.  If you have any changes to phone numbers or addresses, please make those updates as you are registering for the new year.  It is imperative that we have correct contact information for each student.  

    To register online, simply go to the MISD website, click on "Students & Parents", and sign in to your parent portal account.  If you have not created a parent portal account for your student, you will need your child's parent portal ID to create the account.  Contact your child's school to get the parent portal ID.

    Once you are logged in, click this button to begin registration. Contact your child's campus and the office staff can help. 

    Muenster Elementary 940-759-2281 ext. 621 / Email: terri.barrett@muensterisd.org
    Muenster JH/HS 940-759-2281 ext. 604 / Email: tonia.hofbauer@muensterisd.org