• The Muenster Alumni & Friends welcome all to Homecoming 2018 on September 28, 2018 where the Muenster Hornets took on the Valley View Eagles winning 37 - 6.  The pregame festivites honored past homecoming queens from 1968 (Cheryl Owen Hill), 1978 (Kathy Fisher Herr), 1988 (Deanna Beirschenk Hellman), 1998 (not present - Amie McCourry Hess), and 2008 (Samantha Endres), and our queens court escorted by their parents.

    Past Queen of 2017, Jenna Sicking, daughter of Wesley and Molly Sicking, crowned the new queen , Madeline Lee, during the halftime ceremony.

    Queen Candidates were escorted at half time by current members of the varsity football team and an honorary member of the evening. Morgan Hennigan, daughter of James and Angela Hennigan was escorted by Garrett Bindel, the son of Darren and Kari Bindel. Madeline Lee, daughter of Ron and Katherine Lee, was escorted by Jason Moore, the grandson of Sherby Moore. Sadie Sandmann, daughter of Rick Sandmann and Michelle Monday, was escorted by Nathan Hacker, the son of Maurus and Sally Hacker. Lauren Trubenbach, daughter of Steve and Melissa Trubenbach, was escorted by Logan Pagel, the son of JT and Renate Pagel.  

    Class princesses include junior Alex Deeken, daughter of Chad and Trina Martin, and Brian Deeken. Alex was escorted by Garrett Hess, the son of Brian Hess and Christy Johns. Sophomore Mary Fisher, daughter of Steven and Penny Fisher, was escorted by Major Eldridge, the son of Curtis and Vicki Eldridge. Freshman Haley Flusche, daughter of Jeff and Jennifer Flusche, was escorted by Trey McTaggart, the son of Johnny and Natalie McTaggart.