• Steven and Karen Self

    Craig and Connie Stoffels

    Miscellaneous (in memory of Dolores Friske)

    Julianna Grewing (in memory of Grewing Bros.)

    Ronald and Patricia Fuhrmann

    Anonymous (in memory of Dolores Lippe)

    Scott Funeral Home

    Laura Pagel

    Emily Klement

    Lucas and Leslie Hartman (in memory of Doyle Klement)

    Mel and April Walterscheid (in memory of Doyle Klement) 

    Miscellaneous (in memory of Harold Cook)

    Brad and Mary Alice Dennison

    Miscellaneous (in memory of Sherrie Hess Garcia)

    Mike and Brenda Pagel

    John and Carol Aytes (in memory of Pat Stelzer-Class of 1953)

    Clinton and Debbie Endres (in honor of all teachers and staff)

    Kay Pagel (in honor of Kristi Schneider)

    Herbie and Sue Fisher

    Roy and Jane Monday

    Terry and Dianne Walterscheid

    Derek and Kim Stobaugh

    MISD Elementary Teachers and Staff (in memory of Gordon Hickey)




  • John and Carol Aytes

    Jerry and Monica Hess (in memory of Dyann Hess)

    Thomas and Judy Flusche (in memory of Dyann Hess)

    Herman and Shirley Grewing (in memory of Dyann Hess)

    Mr. and Mrs. Harold Bindel (in memory of Dyann Hess)

    Stan and Janet Endres (in memory of Zach Swirczynski) 

    Muenster State Bank (in memory of Chuck Fisher)

    Cash (in memory of Chuck Fisher)

    Tomas and Judy Flusche (in memory of Chuck Fisher)

    T & K Schneider (in memory of Chuck Fisher)

     Zack and Jami Fuhrmann (in memory of Chuck Fisher)

    Susan Fleitman (in memory of Chuck Fisher)

    Thomas and Judy Flusche (in memory of Doyle Klement)

    Tim and Ramona Felderhoff (in memory of Doyle Klement)

    John and Michelle Spaeth (in memory of Doyle Klement)

    Donald and Sandra Hennigan (in memory of Edgar Dyer)

    Linda Fette Bradshaw

    Jon and Stacie Forshee

    Barbara Rohmer

    Debbie Sharp

    Will and Julie Klement (in memory of our parents)

    Jeff and Kelley Smiley




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