• Fundamentals of Computer Science & Programming I & II

    Course Description:
    Computer Science Programming(CS) Grade Placement: 10-12 Recommended Prerequisite: Fundamentals of Computer Science.   Credit: 1

    This course is approved for Technology Applications credit.

    Fundamentasl of Java

    Blue Pelican Java

    A technical course which develops advanced knowledge and skills in the use of computer programming in JAVA language. Course introduces students to JAVA fundamentals of computer programming and JAVA concepts. This hands-on course allows students to create thumbnail applications and teaches problem-solving and code debugging.

    Advanced programming students work with Raspberry Pi and Python language as well as the Arduino microcontroller and C++ programming language.

    This class will lso be using the text Blue Pelican Java by Charles Cook.

    Below: Blair is working on a Raspberry Pi controlled automated pet feeder. Next to him is an automated greenhouse controller combination of Raspberry Pi to Arduino Uno microprocessor.

    Raspberry Pi Bar

    The Raspberry Pi Bar Where Python, Raspberry Pi and Arduino are served up with a dollop of ice cream!

    Raspberry Pi Bar

    Raspberry Pi Bar

    Automated Green House Controller using Raspberry Pi 3 and Arduino Uno controller. Motion detector, camera and fans are controlled by python programming language and C++ Arduino IDE.

    The Pi Bar

    The Pi Bar

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