• Students & Parents:


    Here are some ways to ensure a fabulous grade on the Math Correction Folder.  These are due at the end of each six weeks.  By doing corrections regularly students should not be caught in a bind at the end of the six weeks trying to catch up.


    • Graded papers are returned to students usually within a day or two.
    • Students should check their student file located in the classroom on a daily basis, especially if there was homework turned in the day before.
    • Corrections need to be completed on any incorrect problems.  They need to be re-worked in PEN.  DO NOT ERASE ANY WORK. 
    • Corrections need to be completed in a timely manner, best practice within a day or two.  Once corrected turn back in for teacher’s signature.
    • All math assignments that are required to be in the correction folder are written on a yellow poster hung in the classroom.  This gives students every opportunity to have it completed.
    • At the end of the six weeks the folder will be due.  It should have all required papers corrected with signature showing it has been corrected. It will also have a cover sheet.
    • This is a MAJOR Grade!  This should help averages, not hurt.  The due date is posted on the poster as well usually at least a week before it is due.



    Thank you for helping your child to be a more successful student.



Last Modified on June 24, 2019