• How to Cite an Online Image using the MLA Format

    This is very important! If you are using a picture from the internet you must cite it to avoid breaking copyright laws. This applies to students as well.  We should encourage everyone to use internet resources responsibly.  The more they do this the easier it gets.  Images found in Google Images, or any other image retrieval site, need to be cited in its original context - the website it came from.

    • Photographer's last name, first name ( if available).

    • Title of photo followed by a period, italicized. If there is no title, describe briefly (ex. Picture of Tornado.)

    • URL, followed by a period. 

    • Date of accession, followed by a period.


    tornado.jpgAll Saints Church, Odiham

    (Picture of Tornado)  (All Saints Church, Odiham)


    Image of All Saints Church, Odihamhttps://commons.wikimedia.org

             /wiki/File:Church_of_All_Saints,_Odiham_1.JPG.  29 Aug. 2014.

    Picture of Tornado. http://science.howstuffworks.com/nature/natural-disasters/eye-of-

             tornado.htm. 29 Aug. 2014.