27 Muenster ISD Students Competed for Middle School State TMSCA

2017 State TMSCA 

TMSCA 2017 State

TMSCA State 2017 1

STATE 3rd Place Science Team




Number Sense

20th Place – Bradley Lutkenhaus

18th Place – Devon Bindel

13th Place – Isaac Wolf

11th Place – Hunter Peel

9th Place – Connor Walterscheid


19th Place – Erica Endres

                     Josey Grewing

12th Place – Meadow Walterscheid


19th Place – Devon Bindel

                     Brooklyn Duncan

10th Place – Hunter Peel

4th Place – Connor Walterscheid  


19th Place – Sarah Davis

15th Place – Mary Fisher


14th Place – Sean Sicking

13th Place – Samantha Lockhart

8th Place – Kohl Taylor

2nd Place – Hunter Peel

7th Grade

4th Place – Dakota Hinton

8th Grade

15th Place – Preston Smith

3rd Place – Mary Fisher

3rd Place Team – Mary Fisher, Preston Smith, Dakota Hinton, Hunter Peel

tmsca kirby 17  TMSCA 2017


TMSCA 2017 State

Twenty-seven 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students have qualified for the Middle School TMSCA State Meet which will take place in San Antonio on April 22.  This is the highest number of students Muenster ISD has ever had to qualify for the state meet.  The students are: Cassy Acayan, Marcus Anderle, Braden Berkley, Devon Bindel, Sarah Davis, Brooklyn Duncan, Erica Endres, Madeleine Fisher, Mary Fisher, Josey Grewing, Chloe Hacker, Makayla Hacker, Erin Hesse, Dakota Hinton, Keith Huchton, Matthew Klement, Whitley Klement, Samantha Lockhart, Bradley Lutkehaus, Natalie McMinn, Hunter Peel, Sean Sicking, Preston Smith, Kohl Taylor, Connor Walterscheid, Meadow Walterscheid, and Isaac Wolf


Bernadette Otto, 4th through 6th grade science teacher, sponsors this event.  This year 41 students have signed up to compete:  5th = 6 students, 6th = 24 students, 7th = 4 students, and 8th = 7 students.  Coaches are Carolyn Carlile, 5th/6th Math; Dianne Endres, 7th/8th Math;  Danna Hess, 5th-8th Number Sense; Stephanie Krebs, 5th-8th Calculator; and Bernadette Otto, 5th-8th Science.


Below are the results of the past meets.

Saturday, Jan. 28:  Fort Middle School TMSCA Meet in Azle, Texas.  Thirty Muenster students participated.

  6th grader – Devon Bindel:  Number Sense – 12th

        6th grader – Meadow Walterscheid:  Calculator – 16th

  5th grader – Halle Hess:  Number Sense – 11th; Calculator – 16th; and Math – 15th

  5th grader – Reece Acayan:  Math – 19th and Science – 8th


¨       Results from 5th through 8th grade students attending JH TMSCA Meets:

        Feb. 11 – Grapevine Middle School:

Number Sense:  6th graders – Connor Walterscheid, 5th place; Brooklyn Duncan, 19th place; Hunter Peel, 23rd place, and Isaac Wolf, 25th place

Calculator:  6th graders – Erica Endres, 14th place; and Brooklyn Duncan, 22nd place

    Feb. 18 – City View, Wichita Falls (state-qualifying meet):

Number Sense:  5th graders – Halle Hess, 2nd place; Lexie Walter, 8th place; and Braeden Hacker, 10th place

6th graders – Devon Bindel, 5th place; and Connor Walterscheid, 6th place

Calculator:  5th graders – Braeden Hacker, 4th place; Reece Acayan, 5th place; Halle Hess & Preston Kubis, tied for 6th place; and Dwight Longley, 18th place

6th grader – Erica Endres, 23rd place

Mathematics:  5th graders – Halle Hess, 17th place; Reece Acayan, 18th place; and Lexie Walter, 20th place

6th graders – Connor Walterscheid, 5th place; and Devon Bindel, 8th place

Science:  5th graders – Reece Acayan, 5th place; Halle Hess, 9th place; and Lexie Walter, 16th place

6th graders – Natalie McMinn, 8th place; Hunter Peel, 16th place, and Samantha Lockhart, 20th place

State Qualifiers were:  6th graders – Isaac Wolf in Number Sense; Devon Bindel and Connor Walterscheid in Number Sense and Mathematics; Hunter Peel in Mathematics; and Natalie McMinn in Science.

        Feb. 25 – Kirby World Academy, Wichita Fall (state-qualifying meet):

Number Sense:  5th graders – Halle Hess, 2nd place; and Lexie Walter, 4th place

Calculator:  5th graders – Halle Hess, 2nd place; and Reece Acayan, 3rd place

Mathematics :  5th graders – Halle Hess, 2nd place; Lexie Walter, 4th place; and Reece Acayan, 5th place

6th grader – Devon Bindel, 4th place

Science:  5th graders – Reece Acayan, 2nd place; Halle Hess, 4th place; and Lexie Walter, 5th place

State Qualifiers were:  6th graders – Hunter Peel in Math and Science; Meadow Walterscheid in Math and Calculator; Josey Grewing in Calculator; Samantha Lockhart in Science; and Marcus Anderle, Braden Berkley, Keith Huchton, Bradley Lutkenhaus, Isaac Wolf, and Cassy Acayan in Math.

        Mar. 4 – Azle High School (state-qualifying meet):

Number Sense:  5th graders – Halle Hess, 1st place; Lexie Walter, 2nd place

6th graders – Brooklyn Duncan, 1st place; Bradley Lutkenhaus, 2nd place

2nd place Number Sense Team – Brooklyn Duncan and Bradley Lutkenhaus

Calculator:  5th graders – Reece Acayan, 1st place; Halle Hess, 2nd place

6th graders:  TBA

7th grader:  Makayla Hacker

2nd place Calculator Team – Erica Endres, Chloe Hacker, Whitley Klement, and Madeleine Fisher

Mathematics :  5th graders – Halle Hess, 1st place; Lexie Walter, 2nd place; and Reece Acayan, 3rd place

6th graders – Erica Endres, 1st place; Brooklyn Duncan, 2nd place; and Derek Cox, 3rd place

2nd place Mathematics Team – Sarah Davis, Erica Endres, Preston Smith, and Mary Fisher

Science:  5th graders – Reece Acayan, 1st place; Lexie Walter, 2nd place; and Halle Hess, 3rd place

6th graders – Isaac Wolf, 1st place; Kohl Taylor, 2nd place; Sean Sicking, 3rd place; Derek Cox, 4th place; Annaliese Cisneros, 5th place; Cassy Acayan, 6th place; Bradley Lutkenhaus, 7th place; Madeleine Fisher, 8th place; and Kylie Clure, 9th place

1st place Science Team – Preston Smith, Mary Fisher, Erin Hesse, and Isaac Wolf

State Qualifiers were:  6th graders – Brooklyn Duncan in Number Sense and Math; Erica Endres in Calculator and Math; Madeleine Fisher and Whitley Klement in Calculator; Bradley Lutkenhaus in Number Sense; and Sean Sicking, Kohl Taylor, and Isaac Wolf in Science.