Muenster ISD

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Options for returning  the form:
1. Print and fill out the above PDF form. Return it to the school office.
2. Print and fill out the above PDF form.  Scan it, and email to Susie Fleitman,  
3. Fill out the form electronically and email the to Susie (, using this ONLINE DOCUMENT form. 

Bus Rider Information

1. Please have your children at their pick up point on time in the mornings.
2. Please remind your child/children to stay off the street and be standing in a orderly fashion while waiting on the bus.
3. For afternoon routes, if you are meeting the bus, please allow for the fact that your route will vary in time depending on the number of students riding.
4. If you child/children will be riding a different bus or getting off at a different stop, please send a note to the elementary office so that we maybe notified of the change.  
5. Due to liability issues of personal property the school bus WILL NOT be driving down private driveways, with the exception of Hwy 82.  This is not a new policy but will be completely enforced this year.  If you feel your child or children are not old enough or responsible enough to walk their driveway, please make arrangements to meet the bus.  
If you have any questions or concerns, please call Susanna Fleitman at 940.759.2281 ext. 631.  (email:
Thank you!