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MISD Muenster ISD                  
Name: Kristi Schneider                                                             
Phone: (940) 759-2281 ext. 602
My "Remind" classes will receive text reminders about events and deadlines related to you and/or your MHS student!
 Simply text the class specific code to (630) 756-2987 
Seniors 2018 and Parents - @82a24
Dual Credit Students  - @47f9ac 
Seniors 2019 and Parents - @muen2019
 Seniors 2020 and Parents - @muen2020 
Seniors 2021 and Parents - @muen2021
Seniors 2022 and Parents - @muen2022 
Seniors 2023 and Parents - @muen2023  
Volunteer Opportunities - @muenvol

Abe and Annie Siebel Foundation No Interest LOAN: Call Frost Bank at 409-770-5665 after November 1st to request an application! DEADLINE IS February!

SAT Registration & Deadlines :
ACT Registration & Deadlines :
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Is it.....
for true?
H for helpful?
I for important?
N for necessary?
K for kind?
And always respect and protect yourself and online image! 
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