Muenster ISD

A Tradition of Success!

Muenster ISD Alumni & Friends Association
Contact us at: PO Box 608, Muenster, TX 76252

 Meetings in Elementary Room 111 on 3rd Tuesday of the month.  

 Alumni Board Members 

President -  Amy Anderle 
Vice-President - Kristen Klement Weinzapfel (Class of '91)
Secretary - Kay Fette Hickey (Class of '62)
Treasurers - Jami Flusche Fuhrmann (Class of ' 92) and Brandi Grewing Richardson (Class of '94)  Other board members -  Marcy Mullins (Class of '90)



Our Mission Statement:
We will cultivate relationships among MISD and its alumni, empowering teachers to teach and students to learn.  We will encompass a perpetuating network of communication insuring unique ideas, long-lasting loyalty, and a tradition of success.   
Our Purpose:
The Muenster ISD Alumni & Friends Association was established in 2016 with the purpose of assisting the Muenster ISD schools in pursuing the goals of academic excellence, protecting the school’s heritage & traditions, and developing & maintaining relationships with the school and its alumni.